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Rebobinage micros, P90, Soapbar, Gibson, Les Paul, SG
Réparation micros, Electronique, Bobine sectionnée, Rebobinage, Plain enamel,
Electronique, Micros vintages, plain enamel, réparation, rebobinage,


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Micros vintages, Réparation, Rebobinage, Bobine sectionnée
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Telecaster, Fender, Micro chevalet, Réparation
Telecaster, Fender, Vintage, rebobinage, réparation

We offer a repair and rewinding service for your pickups.
Whether for vintage or contemporary pickups, the pickups are rewound to the original specifications or according to your choice.

Prices on request depending on the type of intervention 
Please complete the form below and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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