The quest for sound 

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My name is Christophe GAUDIN and I am the creator  by Asyllum Pickups.

The passion for music starts very early for me, when I was only in the womb of my
  mother, my professional guitarist and bassist father in the 70s already makes me listen to the sounds of the legendary groups of the time, lulled by Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Queen, the list would be too long but says a lot about my musical approach and from there, the music never left me.


After buying my first guitar at the age of 16, I quickly became a musical instrument addict and pushed me to make myself a nice collection of guitars and amps from the 50s/60s/70s and later on. insatiable desire to know why these vintage instruments sounded mostly better than the most  contemporaries, in a way Pandora's box was open....    

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The manufacture of my microphones is based on all these instruments acquired over the years, I was able to study, take the values and specifications of these fabulous microphones and finally be able to transcribe them  with my own personality and to further improve them to satisfy the musicians most concerned about the tonal quality of their instrument.