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- Heavy formvar vintage specs 42 awg USA wire.
- Alnico 3 "sandcast" magnets made in the USA, which use the same manufacturing process as in the 50's.
- Premium Gavitt brand binding wire.
- Fine waxing carried out with a percentage of black beeswax typical of the process of the 50s.
- Vulcanized fiber flatworks.
- Hand-aged Bakelite-style covers. (option).

- The Origin 54' set is the result of long research and analysis based on an original 1954 stratocaster pickup.
Everything has been implemented to reproduce and revive the magic of the first strat pickups of 1954, built on a base of alnico 3 magnets.

- This set has an output typical of these years and a grain that will take you directly into this "roots" atmosphere of smoky bars tinged with the scent of Whisky, the very essence of magic created by Leo.

- Clear and bright sounds thanks to the Heavy Formvar wire and a great dynamic, beautiful and fat bass, the high frequencies are crystalline without ice pick and mids are present but with subtlety.

Everything has been peeled on the original 1954 pickup, the relic is done by myself, the alnico 3 rod magnets are aged by a completely manual process as well as the covers relic (optional).

The True Vintage strat 1954 bakelite like set is available in relic or not relic, you just have to specify it in the order configurator.

Many hours are essential to make this series of microphones and a delay of 3 weeks will be necessary (if relic option).

This set is configured by default without RWRP winding in order to keep all the original mojo of the stratocaster pickups but the RWRP option is possible for optimal operation without hum in positions 2 and 4 in the configurator when you order.

- Before the build of all my pickups, it is very important to me to have a contact with the person before validation of the order, to define technical details ( RWRP or not, wax potted etc.), this will have no impact on the final cost of your pickups and will allow a maximum quality charter.
Resistance values: Neck 5.75k, middle 5.85k and bridge 5.95k.

Delivery within 2 weeks without relic and 3 weeks with relic option.

Strat Origin 54'

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