True Vintage Series - PAF 1959 Burst style

A perfect copy of a PAF double white set from 1959!!

Always in motion, research and analysis, Asyllum Pickups has recreated the mythical machines that wound the PAFs of the 50s from Gibson (and yes many people still think that the PAFs were guided by hand but this has never been the case).
Everything has been reproduced, the number of turns per layer of yarn, the tensions, the gauge of the yarn, the winding characteristics, the patterns etc. to find the calibration of the Gibson winders with the sweet name of, Leesona 102, Slug 101, KZ/LP-115 which made the golden age of the PAF.
I am the first to have achieved this challenge in France and in many European countries as far as I know. All these very important little details were able to be reborn thanks to complex scripts driven in a numerically controlled machine that I named "Mary".

Features :

- Plain enamel vintage specs thread.

- Correct vintage butyrate coils.

- Screws and slugs (perfect copy of the alloys used in the 50s at Gibson).

- Covers with dimensions, shapes, thickness, alloys reproduced identically.

- Base also identical to the PAF.

- Perfect reproduction of the "Patent applied for" sticker on the back.

- Exact reproduction of the magnet alloy, copied from original PAF magnets from the 1950s.

- Correct vintage braided cable.

True Vintage Series - PAF 1959 Burst style