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- 42/43 awg plain enamel wire vintage specs.

- Alnico 5 "sandcast" magnets made in the USA, which use the same manufacturing process as in the 50's.

- Premium Gavitt wire.

- Fine waxing with a percentage of black beeswax typical of the process of the 50's.

- Vulcanized fiber flatworks.


- Wound in the pure spirit of the early telecaster, this pickups set delivers the bright clarity and twang that made the telecaster a must-have guitar.
-Very sensitive to dynamique with a powerful and warm tones without losing trebles. It's a set full of character that will give you excellent sustain and plenty of harmonics.


These pickups are wax potted with vintage braided cotton wires and Alnico 5 magnets.


Please indicate in the options if you need a separate ground wire for 4/5 position switch wiring. You also have the possibility to choose an RWRP or NON RWRP winding.


Resistance values: Neck : 5.4k, bridge : 7.2k.

Tolerance about 5% depending on the measurement temperature.

- Before the build of all my pickups, it is very important to me to have a contact with the person before validation of the order, to define technical details ( RWRP or not, wax potted etc.), this will have no impact on the final cost of your pickups and will allow a maximum quality charter.

Delivery within 2 weeks.

Tele Broadway Tweed

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