- Plain Enamel vintage specs 42 awg USA wire spool.
- Vintage "sandcast" alnico 5 magnets.
- Premium Gavitt brand binding wire.
- Fine waxing carried out with a percentage of black beeswax typical of the process of the 50s.
- Gray bottom vulcanized fiber bases.

This set is a carbon copy of the Asyllum Pickups set  Isabella but....  equipped with magnets from my personal stock of vintage "sandcast" alnico 5s cast in the 60s/70s and which have tonal properties extremely similar to the alnico 5s made in the 50s in the USA.

These raw alnico 5 rods (which you can see in the photo), have a composition and a manufacturing method (cast in molds) that comes closest to what was done in the 1950s in Fender production.
They have a more consistent magnetic power and give the microphones an articulation, definition, dynamic superior to contemporary magnets.

Give yourself the opportunity to play on real vintage magnets! 
The stock will not be unlimited!

These pickups are wax potted with vintage braided cotton wires.
This set is configured by default without RWRP winding in order to keep all the original mojo of the stratocaster pickups but the RWRP option is possible for optimal operation without hum in positions 2 and 4 in the configurator when you order.

Before the manufacture of all my microphones, it is very important to me to have a grip contact with the person before validation of the order, in order to define certain technical details (middle pickup RWRP or not, wax potted or not on the humbuckers, relic finish etc.), this will have no impact on the final cost of your microphones and will allow a maximum quality charter.

Resistance values: Neck 6.25k, middle 6.25k and bridge 6.25k.

Tolerance about 5% depending on the measurement temperature.

Delivery within 2 weeks.

Strat Izabella vintage alnico 5