- In the pure tradition of the P90s of the 50s, you will find an even warmer grain than the vintage P90s with a vintage dynamics and clarity with very defined crunch, this set is wound with Plain Enamel thread and alinico II magnets for articulate, mojo-packed sound.

- Possibility in the choice of the control to wind the set of microphone in RWRP for a suppression of the hum.


These pickups are not wax potted in order to keep the original side and offer more open pickups (wax potted option available). the wires are vintage type with ground braid.


Before the manufacture of all my microphones, it is very important for me to make contact with the person before confirming the order, in order to define certain technical details (RWRP middle strat micro or not, waw potted or not on the humbucker etc.), this will have no impact on the final cost of your microphones and will allow a maximum quality charter.


Resistance values: Channel 7.50k, and bridge 8k.

Delivery within 2 weeks.

P90 Grainy Matte