- The Twister set is designed to handle large distortions with a bridge pickup with high output resistance. Studied with Plain Enamel yarn and an alnico V magnet, it will be your playmate to string together frenzied riffs and solo while remaining defined and loose. This mic will stay warm and seasoned with harmonics.
- The neck pickup offers a lower output level and balanced with the bridge pickup, allowing to release a great potential of distortion without leaving in the muddy and muddy tones.


These microphones are wax potted in order to limit microphony.


Before the manufacture of all my microphones, it is very important for me to make contact with the person before confirming the order, in order to define certain technical details (RWRP middle strat micro or not, waw potted or not on the humbucker etc.), this will have no impact on the final cost of your microphones and will allow a maximum quality charter.