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- Plain enamel wire spool vintage specs 42 awg USA.

- Alnico 5 "sandcast" magnets made in the USA, which use the same manufacturing process as in the 1950s.

- Premium Gavitt brand binding wire.

- Fine waxing on request.

- The Ankou humbucker set is the most powerful of the Asyllum Pickups humbucker range, with an overwound Plain Enamel bridge pickup and its alnico 5 magnet. Warm, clear, which remains articulate in very high gain.
- The mids are rich and the alnico magnet 5 helps to keep a very fluid grain on fairly high saturations while keeping clarity.

- The neck pickup, also composed of an alnico 5 magnet, its balanced with the bridge pickup in order to provide warm and fat tones.

- Despite its more contemporary specificities, this set nevertheless restores a panel offering a mix between the world vintage and modern.


These pickups are wax potted to reduce microphony.


- Before the build of all my pickups, it is very important to me to have a contact with the person before validation of the order, to define technical details ( RWRP or not, wax potted etc.), this will have no impact on the final cost of your pickups and will allow a maximum quality charter.

Resistance values: Neck 8k, and bridge 14.2k.
Tolerance about 5% depending on the measurement temperature.

Delivery within 2 weeks.

Humbucker Ankou

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