-The Asyllum Pickups Strat Chilli pickups deliver high output in the thickness of single coil pickups, delivering round highs, deep, smooth lows with an added twist that will remind you of the power, sustain and attack of Gibson pickups .
- These mics have a much higher heat and output level than other ranges of strat mics and will push your amp to saturation faster.

Composed of Plain Enamel wire and Alnico V magnets, these pickups are wax potted with vintage type braided cotton threads and the middle pickup is RWPRP for optimal operation without hums in positions 2 and 4 (possibility of non-RWRP winding possible in the options).


Before the manufacture of all my microphones, it is very important for me to make contact with the person before confirming the order, in order to define certain technical details (RWRP middle strat micro or not, wax potted or not on the humbucker etc.), this will have no impact on the final cost of your microphones and will allow a maximum quality charter.

Resistance values: Channel 6.9k, middle 7.2k and bridge 8k

Delivery within 2 weeks.

Strat Chilli