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Are you looking for a specific microphone?

I offer a wide range of microphones in addition to the major references offered on my site, the jazzmaster, jaguar and consort are not forgotten!
You can contact me by email on: or via the contact form.
I make the microphones offered below to measure for my clients (receipt time: 2 weeks).


- Custom Jazzmaster set: 230 euros.
- Custom Jaguar set: 210 euros.
- Custom Mustang set: 210 euros.

- Custom 7-string simple strat pickup set: 280 euros.
- Custom Asyllumtron (Gretsch) set: 300 euros.

- Custom 4-string Jazzbass set: 210 euros.
- Custom 5-string Jazzbass set: 225 euros.
- Custom 4-string Precision Bass set: 150 euros.
- 5-string Precision Bass set: 175 euros.



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